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How do you cut through the conventional wisdom to understand what's really going on in our state? How can you make sensible decisions about a political scene that rarely seems to make sense? How do you get the information you need, now? The answer is: The California Project.

The California Project provides the latest political data and news in every legislative district: Senate and Assembly. Project staff uses the latest technology to get you the data, so you're always the first to hear about breaking political news.

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At the California Project, we monitor news items from around the state and update our members in real time, so they can stay on top of the most important candidates, districts, and issues.

Weekly Newsletter

Our Weekly Newsletter, shared only with members, is your best source for the latest political news.

Leadership Luncheons

We invite the most viable legislative candidates to Sacramento for Leadership Lunches with our members. These small lunches give our members the opportunity to establish lasting relationships.

Campaign Finance

The California Project provides the latest campaign finance reports for the most competitive campaigns in the state legislature. Project staff also provides campaign Independent Expenditure (I.E.) reports for some of the biggest Political Action Committees (PAC).

Local Events

The California Project sponsors private events throughout the year, and throughout the state. Members network with future state legislators and local leaders, and stay up-to-date on California’s people, policies, and politics.

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As a member of The California Project you have exclusive access to our website that includes the latest political news and campaign data.

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