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How do you cut through the conventional wisdom to understand what's really going on in our state? How can you make sensible decisions about a political scene that rarely seems to make sense? How do you get the information you need, now? The answer is: The California Project.

The California Project provides the latest political data and news in every legislative district: Senate and Assembly. Project staff uses the latest technology to get you the data, so you're always the first to hear about breaking political news.


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A two-hour launch event Friday in Sacramento focused mainly on proposed outreach efforts to encourage applications not only from a wide range of racial and ethnic groups, but also from people from every part of the state. San Francisco Chronicle. 3/4/19.

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What she said: Some folks relayed that she had told the Chamber group that she hates them... "They need Democrats far more than Democrats need them." Voice of San Diego. 3/2/19.

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Voters across California Senate District 1 - spanning California's northeastern corner, from the Oregon border to Lake Tahoe, including some of the Sacramento area's eastern suburbs - began receiving ballots this week for the special primary election to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Ted Gaines, R-El Dorado Hills. The Sacramento Bee. 3/1/19.

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Special-election rivals in 33rd Senate District say companies' huge independent expenditure taints Democrat Lena Gonzalez's environmental reputation. The Press Telegram. 2/28/19.

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By adding a citizenship question to the standard census form, we will see a lower count in minority and immigrant communities, which will decrease political representation and federal revenue for areas that have a high percentage of these populations - California, for example. Sacramento News and Review. 2/28/19.

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Last year, Congress also approved the final appropriation of funds to states from the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Secretary Padilla designated $20 million of these funds to help counties purchase new voting equipment as they transition to the Voter's Choice Act. Yuba Net. 2/28/19.

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